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Sandra Black and her BCOC Home Health Care Agency was highly recommended by my Physical Therapist, who’s often seen her employees interacting with individuals with whom she’s also worked herself, requiring of home health care services – including the assistance nurses aids.

Sandra screens each of her workers carefully and tries to match worker and client/patient for an optimal “fit,” and can attest personally to her success in doing so. It’s my pleasure to endorse her and BCOC enthusiastically.  

  • Stephen E. Levick, M.D

“I second the referral for Sandra. She is superbly talented, kind and resourceful. She helped me and my mother immensely in my mother's last year of life and we will always remain friends.”

  • Sara B.


“Sandra Black is a very caring and very capable caregiver (NOT live-in). (610) 203-8053, ) -CNA and

CPR certified and she drives. Minimum 4 hours at a time; however, if not too far, she is willing to split the time up 2 hours and 2 hours-she did this for my mom. We needed her in the morning and again at dinner time, but she prefers 4 hours+ together of course. My mom had very, very bad dementia. She also has a network of people, so she can refer you to live-in help too.”

  • Andrea L.


“Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of my father’s death. He died peacefully in his own bed, in his own house which was his wish. He was 96 and an incredible father and mentor as well as a powerhouse within the city of Philadelphia. His wishes came true as a result of the extremely diligent care of his caretaker, Sandra Black. She was bright, caring, honest, and a soulmate for me. I’m the only daughter with three male siblings. If you are interested in a reference, please call me at the number below. I would be happy to share my experience with you and recommend Sandra without hesitation.”

  • Georgie B. 

Client Contact.jpg

“BCOC Healthcare Agency was recommended to me by a friend. I was in desperate need of help with my husband who was diagnosed with dementia. We were seeking 24-hour care, but I was worried about such a drastic transition. BCOC Healthcare Agency provided a sense of security and stability for my husband to the very end and for that I will be forever grateful.”

  • Paula Z.


“Working with BCOC Healthcare agency is not just a job, it’s a family. The BCOC team goes above and beyond to ensure loved ones’ needs are met while working together as a cohesive unit. No task is too difficult and we strive to fulfil all your desired needs and care. Our most esteemed supervisor/owner, Sandra Black, is candid, honest and courteous. She not only takes her clients' needs into consideration but her employees as well. It’s been an absolute pleasure working for BCOC Healthcare agency and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

  • Stacy D.


“Hi, I highly recommend BCOC healthcare agency. I have been using them for the past year for my 91-year-old mom. Sandra, who owns the company, is extremely communicative, attentive, and resourceful. I have full-time aid for my mom through her agency and any time that I have needed additional support, she comes through. All the aides I've used through BCOC healthcare agency are responsible, caring, and thoughtful. In all honesty, I don't know what I would have done without this agency. It has been my lifeline throughout this past year helping to take care of my mom.”

  • Michelle L.


“My family has placed our trust in Sandra and her team of caregivers. They are very capable, compassionate, dedicated, and reliable under challenging circumstances. They are also responsive, and although I am not located in the area, they are responsive and keep me apprised of any situation that requires my attention or input.”

  • David W.


“Working for this home care agency has been an absolute pleasure. From working with such a great client to having a very supportive, respectful, and caring supervisor to learn from and help set me up for success. It has been a great pleasure and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

  • Jasmine S.

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